Shop Local

When local businesses are successful, their communities’ benefit by increased employment opportunities, accessible goods and services, and a strong tax base. MDOT and the City of Roseville are mindful that we must do all we can to soften the blow to businesses during the Gratiot Ave M-3 reconstruction project.

While road construction is inconvenient, it won’t last forever. Therefore, we encourage you to Shop Local to help the businesses you enjoy every day to remain strong and viable resources for tomorrow.

"For so many businesses in Macomb County, 2020 was a challenging year. We hope that people will continue the theme of shopping and eating local during the upcoming M-59 construction. Our businesses will need our help this year more than ever and I hope that they continue to receive our support.”

Stacy Ziarko, President & CEO
Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Road construction can create challenges for our local businesses with customer access. To help address this challenge, we encourage business owners to:

  • Update your customer base
  • Use signage to promote that you’re open for business
  • Direct access points for consumers to follow
  • Utilize your local government and Chamber of Commerce to advertise and share your messaging.

As always, we encourage shopping local and support strategies that drive customers to your businesses.”

Kelley Lovati, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Macomb County Chamber | Macomb Foundation