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Reality Check

There are many common myths and misconceptions about transportation in Michigan, from why MDOT replaces "perfectly good" signs to why current funding levels aren't enough to keep roads and bridges in good condition.

Transportation Reality Check takes on some of these myths, and explains why MDOT does things the way they do.


Myth: MDOT is replacing perfectly good signs.

Reality: MDOT replaces signs and posts regularly to keep them visible at night and current with federal safety guidelines.


Myth: Michigan needs to learn how to build roads that last. Or at least, MDOT needs to hold contractors responsible when repairs don't hold up.

Reality: Michigan has high standards and tough warranties. Other factors are to blame for our crumbling roads.


Myth: Road crews just throw some asphalt in the potholes to fix them. They need to fix them right the first time so it lasts.

Reality: Pothole patches are just that - a patch. A true fix will require much more.


Myth: MDOT has gotten dangerously stingy with salt, and they need to use more!

Reality: MDOT has made changes to be more efficient with salt, but not at the expense of safety for motorists.

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