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Frequently Asked Question

  • What are the project boundaries?
    The project area is from 14 Mile Road (south boundary) to Wellington Crescent (north boundary). The project around 3.3 miles long.
  • What is the project schedule?
    Phase I : April - August 2023 Phase II: August - October 2023 Phase III: Fall 2023
  • Will there be any noise and dust during the road re-pavement project? What is being done to fix this?
    There will be limited noise disruptions during this project. The majority of the work will occur during the day, but for safety reasons, some work will be required to be completed at night. The project has obtained a noise ordinance waiver for this night work. The project will minimize the noise and dust as best as possible.
  • Who benefits from this project?
    This project will benefit the residents and business owners in the surrounding area of Clinton Township as well as road users of the M-3 corridor including motorists, transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Why is a road re-pavement project necessary?
    Replacing the old pavement with asphalt is a preferred long-term solution alternative to occasional patchwork. This will solve safety concerns in the area such as potholes and cracks. By completion, the community can enjoy minimized hazards to their motorized vehicles.
  • Will the dimensions/location/lanes of the road be changed?
    No, the dimensions, location, and number of lanes that exist within the project will remain the same.
  • Will the project involve any improvements to pedestrian or bicycle Infrastructure?
    This project does involve replacements of sidewalk ramps and sidewalks. This will contribute to the safety of local pedestrians by improving brining the ADA ramps up to ADA compliance. There not bike lanes as part of this project, however non-motorists are welcome to utilize the connecting Freedom Trail.
  • Will transit routes to this area be disrupted?
    No, transit routes will be maintained for this project. There will be some temporary closures of existing bus stops. If the bus stop you regularly use is closed, please use a the nearest bus stop.
  • How much does this project cost?
    The overall project cost is projected to be just under $24 million.
  • How can I report any issues or concerns while the project is underway?
    Please contact the project team via phone or email.
  • Will there be any public meetings for this project?
    At this time, there are no planned public meetings. If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact our Project Ombudsman, Jim Petronski at 810-650-4830 or at
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